by allegra weingarten

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released April 24, 2017



all rights reserved


allegra weingarten New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: protein popping
i put it all in the ground to dilute it's value
down the septic tank i thought it would be harder without you

simmer in my fist it's our fingers locking
i'll slash you with my scythe and hear the protein popping

fun! a victim and a gun. a shadow in the sun, i run
try and stop me

you're mine. its your life on the line
you said you'd be my valentine

i love the sound of protein popping
Track Name: serial
foist the fictioneer
the votary is tall but his words bend
agoraphobic atmosphere
the teetotaler wonders where his friends went

the relic has a crack, his schema stays the same
he's peevish at the fact, he doesn't take the blame
i want your banter stuffed under the mattress
you coax me with your language and your sadness
Track Name: lobe game
played a special game and i fell out of your hands again
shaky hands don’t break, watch out eye the tip of the knife again
who am i to relate? it’s straight if the basement’s your only friend
i am sound or i’m space, i’ll be whatever you want again

it’s not my fault you follow the rules

maybe in your daze you’ll conjure a character faking end
i am not insane, watch out that’s the trick of the mouth again
riding in your brain, your lobe is a saturnine parachute
if i’m sound, you’re space - fold hands now your blade is a part of you
Track Name: imperial avenue
can i cut you off? i'm sorry for the mess, i've been trying my best
you're rabid like a dog, but i would never guess your weakness is a test

you've been hiding your face, you think you're a disgrace

but i won't let you go down that road
there's a man, he'll follow you home
drag you by the coat, shoes left in the snow
around the corner, through your window

i can't see my feet
the sludge between my toes, a double feature future dose
a rat running down the line, my vision cropped in half
my only bed a bath
my only hope below, the alley leading home